Don't Walk Away from Complexity, Run

We constantly hear that change should be affordable and cost effective. True, but, in reality, that's easily said than done. Complexity makes change hard. We can't shy away from the hard problems posed by domains and business needs. So, how can we solve complicated problems without getting dragged into the quagmire of what appears to be an inevitable complexity? In this keynote, an award winning author and software practitioner will share experiences and observations from working on multiple software projects, about what leads to complexities, the traps developers and organizations fall into, and what we can do to effectively deal with these common, recurring issues we see across domains and products.

What will the audience learn from this talk?
The modern features of JavaScript, how to create elegant maintainable code, how to make use of the new features, and also things to avoid when programming with ES6 and beyond.

Does it feature code examples and/or live coding?
The session will have no slides, it will be entirely presented as a live coding session.

Prerequisite attendee experience level:
Level 200

Venkat Subramaniam
Award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc.
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