Virtual Round Table with Kevlin Henney

GOTO Virtual Round Tables are curated discussions, tailored for leaders in the Software industry. During the discussions, one of our GOTO experts will moderate and provoke no more than 8 attendees to explore a specific topic. The goal being to connect you with like-minded leaders, share learnings and knowledge, whilst stimulating ideas that help move the software community forward.

October 7
15:00 –
16:15 CET

Modern Trends in Programming Languages

Programmers and language designers have been chasing the idea of the ideal programming language for about as long as the idea of programming languages has been around. If we take a more grounded perspective, looking back at the history of programming languages and around at the current state of practice, we see that the picture is one of constant change and is as diverse and opinionated as ever, and will likely always be that way. How programming languages are used and perceived perhaps has more in common with fashion and social science than with physical science and engineering.

Rather than displacing one with the next, we see paradigm shifts sloshing up against one another. While we see some old languages dying out, we see many old languages continuing to evolve. Languages young and old borrow ideas from one another, but also splinter and diverge. We see that the success (or demise) of a programming language is more intimately tied to its ecosystem, applications and users than to intrinsic properties of the language.

Looking at this sea of change, what do we see as the current interesting trends, features, innovations and rediscoveries?

Who is this event for?

  • CTOs & CIO
  • VPs / Heads / Directors of Engineering
  • VPs / Heads / Directors of Information Technology
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