Virtual Masterclass with Sam Newman

Join one of our GOTO experts for either a 1, 2 or 3 day virtual masterclass. This is a paid event, where you’ll deep dive into a specific area and have an up close and personal experience learning from a seasoned software expert from the comfort of your home!

October 14 - 15
9:00 –
17:30 CET

Designing Microservices

In this masterclass, Sam Newman (Author of 'Monolith to Microservices') will give you a course on Designing Microservices.

Indicative two Day Schedule for this Virtual Masterclass

Here is a sample two day class, giving you an idea of some of the topics that we can cover. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Introducing Microservices

  • What microservices are
  • Technology
  • Advantages of microservices
  • Disadvantages of microservices
  • When should you use them, and when shouldn’t you use them?

Service Modelling

  • Characteristics of “good” services
  • Introduction to domain-driven design
  • The usefulness of Bounded Contexts when defining service boundaries
  • Event Storming and Capability Modelling

Splitting out services

  • Planning a transition
  • Incremental decomposition patterns
  • Splitting the schema
  • Discussion of CAP theory, distributed transactions and eventual consistency

Service Collaboration

  • Synchronous vs asynchronous
  • Event-based collaboration vs Request/Response
  • Coverage of technology options including REST, RPC, Actor frameworks, Message Brokers including Kafka
  • Choreography vs Orchestration


  • End-to-end testing in a microservice world
  • Test types and feedback
  • Consumer-driven contracts


  • Log aggregation
  • Correlation IDs
  • Metrics collection
  • Semantic monitoring
  • Real-user monitoring
  • Synthetic Transactions

Resiliency & Scaling

  • Types of scaling (scaling cube + more)
  • Scaling for load vs scaling for resiliency
  • Circuit Breakers and connection pooling
  • Bulkheads & timeouts
  • Service Meshes & Message Brokers

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