GOTO Amsterdam 2019

Monday Jun 17
09:00 –

Learning Webassembly and Rust

Learning Webassembly and Rust

Webassembly (WASM) is a new format and compilation target for deploying code in managed environments. Most of the times, that means using the built-in support found in browsers and its integration into JavaScript. But WASM also isn't restricted to browsers.

Rust is a new programming language that unifies the benefits and safety of high-level languages with the control and speed of so-called systems programming languages. Rust also ships with great support and tooling for developing libraries that work on a variety of targets, including WASM. It also reduces manual boilerplate and conceptual overhead through automated tooling.

In the workshop, you'll learn:

  • General concepts of WASM and its current benefits
  • A motivation of when and how to use WASM
  • General concepts of Rust and integration into other languages
  • Best practices around deployment and testing
  • A close look at tooling and integration into JavaScript
  • A glance at some advanced use-cases
  • Current limitations and how to deal with them

You'll leave the workshop with a sample project that you fully understand.

This workshop requires no previous knowledge of Rust or Webassembly. Basic knowledge of JavaScript is recommended.

The trainer trains Mozilla and other companies' engineers on Rust.

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