Matt Sakaguchi
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2019

Matt Sakaguchi
Site Reliability Manager

Leads two teams in Site Reliability Engineering, supporting the Android phone ecosystem and the Google Play store. At Google, Matt is a leading ambassador for gTeams, the research Google's People Analytics did on what makes an effective team. He consults and conducts sessions with numerous teams at Google, to enhance their performance, accelerate, and get them unstuck. He also teaches several classes at Google, including Diversity and Inclusion, Bias Busting, Fundamentals of Teamwork, Presentation skills, and Coaching Conversations. He trains incoming managers, and mentors Googlers in 1:1 sessions. He also serves as a performance coach for presenters at major conferences such as Google I/O, and NEXT (Cloud).


What Google Learned about Creating Effective Teams
Matt Sakaguchi
Thursday Jun 20, 11:30
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