Thursday Jun 20
11:30 –
Location: Graanbeurszaal

What Google Learned about Creating Effective Teams

Matt Sakaguchi talks about some of the practical research Google has done on building effective teams. He addresses not only the research, but the insights of a manager who worked with his own team and others, to instill the findings and principles in the real world, along with key insights from the Pilot program at Google.

What will the audience learn from this talk?
Google commissioned a study to find out what creates highly effective teams. Two years of interviews and data analysis revealed five key attributes that the best teams at Google had. Audience members will learn the research methodology, and practical tips to use to build effectiveness into their own workplace.

Does it feature code examples and/or live coding?

Prerequisite attendee experience level:
Level 100

human factor
Matt Sakaguchi
Site Reliability Manager
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