GOTO Amsterdam 2017


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1 Workshop Day

Monday, June 12
All the workshops take place on Monday, June 12.
The Thursday-workshops are sold out.

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2 Conference Days

Tuesday & Wednesday, June 13 & 14, 2017

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2 Conference Days & 1 Workshop Day

Monday - Wednesday
All the workshops take place on Monday, June 12.
The Thursday-workshops are sold out.

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Workshops on Monday, June 12

  1. Advanced Agile - Alistair Cockburn
  2. Tips from Psychology for Problem-solving - Linda Rising
  3. Self-contained Systems: A Different Approach to Microservices - Stefan Tilkov
  4. MicroServices - Let’s Build Some Version 2 - Fred George
  5. Kubernetes - From Basics to Advanced & to the World - Ray Tsang
  6. SOLD OUT: Data Science and Analytics for Developers (Machine Learning) - Phil Winder
  7. Container & Microservices Security - Adrian Mouat
  8. Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contract Development - Jacob Stenum Czepluch

Workshops on Thursday, June 15

  1. SOLD OUT: High-Performance Messaging with Aeron - Martin Thompson
  2. SOLD OUT: TensorFlow: Machine Learning without a PhD - Robert Saxby & Rokesh Jankie
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